This was more challenging than I thought it would be. I like movies, especially this genre, but I'm bad at picking favorites or remembering any movie I've ever seen, apparently.
  1. P.s I Love You
    This one was easy. By far the best. I cry every time, but in a good way. If anyone exists out there and hasn't seen this movie, go watch it immediately, you won't be disappointed. P.s there's Irish accents... So yeah.
  2. Titanic
    Classic. Leo. Class struggle. Boat struggle. Leo.
  3. Just Like Heaven
    It's cheesy and ridiculous but I can't help but love it. Guilty pleasure rom com (as if every rom com wasn't).
  4. The Proposal
    With Ryan Reynolds (and Betty White). The threat of being sent to Canada is looming, so we gotta go to Alaska because it's beautiful, and that fluffy dog is adorable. Such a quality film.
  5. 27 Dresses
  6. He's Just Not That Into You
    The multiple story lines thing is fun sometimes.
  7. Dirty Dancing
    Also a classic. Makes me wanna dance, so that's fun.
  8. No Strings Attached
    Superior over Friends With Benefits for sure. Ashton Kutcher is cool. Yay monogamy.