I don't get paid enough for this stuff

  1. Knocking on the bathroom door.
    A middle aged woman asked me how she would know if someone was in the bathroom...which we both happened to be standing outside of... I knocked and someone replied and I told the woman there was someone in there... where's my tip?
  2. Not speaking at the precise correct volume
    When you tell me you can't hear me and then I speak louder please do not tell me to calm down... I can't afford to make copies of your eardrums and replace mine with them.
  3. Explaining to someone that they do, in fact, need to fill out the yearly paperwork.
    The amount of grown adults that cannot handle this and need this explained to them in great detail amazes me. Bonus points for when they say "I do this every year." Then why are you surprised you have to do it this year!?... if I had a nickel for every time this happens...
  4. Being asked questions by coworkers because the supervisor isn't around and they didn't know who else to ask.
    Yes, I am proud that people believe I am knowledgeable and a good source of answers, and of course I am happy to help...but clearly I'm not getting paid enough for this stuff.