Worst to best, although this order could change on any given day, it's hard to pick favorites..
  1. Babysitter
    I'm not great with kids so this has never been my favorite thing. It was pretty easy and I just had to play all day but I always just wished the kid could entertain herself like a normal human, so it's my own fault that this has been my least favorite job.
  2. Catering assistant
    I only did this a few times. I felt awkward to be at someone else's wedding and was always nervous to drop the food. But I liked eating leftovers after.
  3. Hollister "model"
    That's what they call normal sales associates. There's no hiding they hire based on looks, so I guess I should take this job as compliment. Tbh it sometimes works to boost my self esteem, which I know is really messed up. Working retail is typically annoying, especially in a place where everything has to look perfect even though it's super dark. I'll admit, I never got sick of the smell, and still inhale a little deeper when I walk by. Overall, decent first "real" job.
  4. Campus courier
    I walked around campus picking up and delivering money to all the dinning halls for about an hour every day. Sometimes the bag was really heavy which I didn't like, but it was decent exercise since our campus is all uphill. Easy job, good for while I was in school because of the minimal time commitment, but rough in the winter when I just wanted to use that hour to have a warm nap.
  5. Residence life summer assistant
    Definitely my favorite "fake real" job. I got to spend the summer on campus, which I loved (maybe I'm too obsessed with my school). I had awesome coworkers and bosses; since it was just 6 girls on our team living and working together for three months on an intermittently vacant campus, we all became good friends. Although it was stressful to organize and execute hosting large events and groups of people, it was a really unique experience to serve my campus and help visitors enjoy it as well.
  6. Medical office receptionist
    My first post-college job, so I feel like I have to put it as number one. It can be very challenging dealing with difficult patients, or even with just the huge quantity my office sees (sometimes 3-400 a day). However, it is also rewarding when your consideration is appreciated. Patients come to us very anxious, but when they leave with a smile due to our hospitality and excellent customer service, it makes it worth it. Plus my coworkers are like my second moms, and I'm super lucky to have them.