For some reason there are many common themes here, try to find them and shame me for being a weird child (is there a such thing as a normal child)
  1. Hid empty mini m&ms tubes under my brothers bed and crawl under to smell them sometimes
    You gotta admit that lingering chocolate scent was the best, and since these were a treat and I didn't get them too often, I had to work with what I had.
  2. Held talk shows with my stuffed animals when trying to fall asleep at night
  3. Held birthday parties for stuffed animals with my friend and her stuffed animals on the bus to school
    We were always in our own little world because obviously school bus seats are sound and vision proof to outsiders
  4. Wrote a song about mashed potatoes with same friend
    "I lost my mashed potatoes in New York City. It was very sad. Oh what a pity!"
  5. While eating dinner with my brother, pretended to not know where my mouth was and got mashed potatoes all over my face
    He really got a kick out of it, I was just trying to make him laugh like the good sister I am.