1. You'll be happier
    Impossible to be sad when you're swing dancing. The music is just too fun!
  2. You'll be classier
    Instantly up your classy-ness by learning to swing dance. So old-timey.
  3. You'll make friends
    Since swing is a social dance, you don't need one specific partner and you dance with lots of different people. I've met people from other states and countries, you don't even need to speak the same language if you know how to swing dance, it's a language of its own!
  4. You'll be impressive
    But not difficult! Tell people you know how to swing dance, or show them some moves and they are blown away by how awesome you are!
  5. All the cool kids do it
    The swing dance community is pretty great. Most people are friendly and interesting. Swing dancers are cool, and you could be too if you learned.