1. After being inspired by the creators of @list to participate in Giving Tuesday, I immediately knew what I wanted to do.
  2. I have been involved in mission work for the past few years with my youth group, mainly in Tennessee and other Southern states.
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  3. I have always wanted to go on an international mission trip, but I have a crippling fear of planes, due to a traumatizing experience as a child.
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  4. This challenge inspired me to sign up for a mission trip, overcoming my phobia, and going to Guatemala this summer.
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  5. I can't wait to help those in need and give back. I am very excited for this experience and cannot wait until June of 2016!
  6. I will also be donating to Lost Sheep Ministry Center here in Knoxville! I have grown up volunteering there and it holds a special place in my heart.
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