1. I should write a book!
  2. No that's dumb.
  3. I should go to sleep.
  4. But...Twitter, The List App, Hungry Shark...
  5. Maybe if I got off of my phone...?
  6. Nah
  7. How can I lose weight without changing my regular eating and physical habits?
  8. Tomorrow, I'm going to take control of my life!
  9. Okay, it's time to go to sleep
  10. I really wish my neighbors would turn their blinding Christmas lights off.
  11. *repeatedly sings "Hard Times" by Ray Charels in head*
  12. 11:11! Make a wish, Brooke!
  13. Okay it's actually time to get that beauty rest, I sure could use it.
  14. *stays up for 15 more minutes trying to get comfortable*