I would recommend these people to anyone who is looking for positivity and comedy!
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    Tyler is known for his positive impact on the world, his several hair colors, and upbeat attitude.
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    "Zoella" is known for her beauty and fashion themed videos, as well as challenges with other youtubers.
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    Grace is known for her sarcastic, but hilarious videos and collaborations.
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    Jacksfilms is known for his musical parodies, Your Grammar Sucks, and themed daily videos.
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    He is known for his hilarious collaborations, "home cooking with Andrew", and sarcastic videos.
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    Troye Sivan Mellet is known for his music, acting, and personal, yet hilarious intimate conversations with his subscribers.
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    This is one of my favorites! Connor is known for his upbeat attitude, hilarious collaborations, and his book,"A Work In Progress". Definitely one of the best at what he does.