I will most likely give up on a few of these this year, but I hope this year will bring encouragement and motivation from my loved ones to live up to my resolutions.
  1. Eat healthier
    I will consume more water and vegetables, but less snack foods and carbs.
  2. Live healthier
    I won't shut myself in my room all day! I will go outside and enjoy the world.
  3. Try new things
    I will try different foods and activities.
  4. Try a little harder
    I will not dress like a slob everyday. I will dress up a bit more often.
  5. Learn more
    I will read more books and do my best at school.
  6. Go to bed/wake up at a reasonable hour
    I will go to sleep before midnight and wake up before 10:00.
  7. Be organized
    I will keep a daily planner and journal with me throughout the year. I hope it will keep me on track with my New Years resolutions.
  8. Be a better person in the world
    I will give more time to charity and be a nicer person to those I know.