Some terrible and some good nicknames I've had over the years.
  1. Hulk
    One of my classmates would repeatedly annoy me and I would pound on my desk out of frustration, eventually giving me the nickname "The Hulk"
  2. Hannah
    When I was a freshman, I was very intimidated by one of my senior classmates. He thought my name was Hannah but I was too afraid to correct him. We are now friends and I'm not scared of him.
  3. Cookie
    I hated this one. It was cute for a while but then became awful. I have this one because it rhymes with "Brookie"
  4. Tiny
    I have this nickname for my height, but for my age, I'm not that short. I'm about average.
  5. Training Bra
    My friend, who is large chested for her age, calls me this because of the huge difference between the two of us.
  6. Brookeford
    It's simply a combination of my first and last name. It sounds absolutely disgusting.
  7. Boob-gum
    For the time I once accidentally dropped a piece of chewed gum down my shirt, then retrieved it and continued to chew it.
  8. Bitch
    I get called this by my sister, my mother, my friends, etc. Probably the most used out of all of these.
  9. Brookster
    The nickname my grandfather calls me by all the time. ALL THE TIME.