People That Sometimes Unintentionally Drive Me Insane but I Love Them Anyway ❤️😡❤️

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. My sister
    We can go from being bestfriends to enemies. Her goal in life is to annoy me.
  2. My mom
    While she isn't strict, she calls me out on everything I'm doing wrong, such as my inability to interact with other people and my attitude.
  3. My dog
    She is very cute and lovable, but that can get in the way when I have three bags and an open drink in my hand when I open the front door.
  4. My bestfriend
    We are polar opposites. She plans everything last minute and I have a tight schedule, making it hard to do things with her if I haven't told her where or when we will hang out.
  5. Myself
    As mentioned before, I don't interact with people very well. I'm not afraid to talk to people, but I have grown up not speaking unless spoken to. It gets in the way of things a lot.