The New Rocky Horror Picture Show: My Dream Cast

The new version of the classic movie, RHPS, is airing in the fall on FX. The characters have already been cast, but I have the ideal, perfect line up in mind. Inspired by @BuzzFeed after they announced the casting of the new RHPS.
  1. David Bowie as Dr. Frank-N-Furter
    I know he has passed on, but could you imagine how amazing this would be?! He would absolutely slay as the fabulous Doctor. And him singing for all of us to hear would be a plus.
  2. Emma Watson as Janet Weiss
    She is so innocent and beautiful. She would play this role perfectly!
  3. Nat Wolff as Brad Majors
    I feel like he would portray Brad so well and look cute while doing it.
  4. Steve Buscemi as Riff Raff
    He is already the creepiest looking guy out there. It's perfect! He would also work some humor into the production as well.
  5. Zac Efron as Rocky
    He is a beautiful creature, making him perfect for the role of an actual creature that happens to be beautiful.
  6. Emma Stone as Columbia
    She can be crazy, funny, or serious. She's perfect for the role! She can even pull off red hair.
  7. Lily Collins as Magenta
    I don't have much reasoning behind this one, but I think she could pull off the dark, mysterious girl in black.
  8. Adam Levine as Eddie
    He can sing, act, and maybe ride a motorcycle. It's a match.
  9. Bernie Sanders as Dr. Scott
    He just has that look I guess.
  10. Tim Curry as the criminologist
    Tim Curry, who was Dr. Frank N Furter in the 1975 film, is already cast as the criminologist in the new film. This shall stay.