The Perfect Road Trip 🚗

This is my idea of a great road trip with friends! @katiemeade are you down to do this the summer of 2018?
  1. My friends and I will pile into our cars with all of our supplies.
    Things such as food, water, tents, sleeping bags, awesome car jams, etc.
  2. We live in Knoxville, TN and we would probably travel to Colorado.
    We would go for the great scenery and friendship bonding. It would be such a fun experience with my best friends.
  3. On the way to Colorado, we would jam to some great music and become even better friends.
  4. We would probably stay in our tents at a campsite or something, but we could occasionally just chill and sleep in the car.
  5. It would be so much fun. We would become so much closer than we already are.
  6. I might pitch this idea to my friends. It could be our senior trip!