What we talked about today: 3/5/16
  1. Me: " Please stop licking yogurt off your stool. It's gross. Stand up and eat nicely."
  2. Breakfast yogurt: Sassiness and 3 year old eating logic.
  3. Daughter: "I don't want to stand up because I want to be on my knees."
  4. Me: "Why"
  5. Hubby: " Sometimes.."
  6. Daughter: Stares and scoops yogurt off the stool.
  7. ----End----
  8. Morning errands: Sassy pants and pen wars.
  9. Sass Machine: "Did I listen in the store?"
  10. Sass Machine: "I'm done crying and getting maddy. I'm doing potty and I'm done doing accidents. No pee in my pants. Nananana nininini kissies my chaaaa. Christmas time over? Christmas over. Is valentines over?"
  11. Hubby: "Yes"
  12. Sass Machine: "And birthdays over.. E ne meanie mini mo catch a tiger by its toe. You do dis then put the line then shhhhh. I didn't color Micky mouse."
  13. Hubby: "Don't color on your purse"
  14. Sass Machine: "No!....If I say yea then you say no." Proceeds to color on her hand with a pen "Look at my hand!"
  15. ---End----
  16. The Cadi: This girl has expensive taste, but no manners.
  17. Ms. Cries A-Lots: "Vroooom" "drooom" Turns wheels, presses buttons, makes more noises. "I'm done" kicks door.
  18. Me: "Need help?"
  19. Ms. Cries A-Lots: Eyebrow raise. "I'm getting in another car." Gets out.
  20. Me: No, they are not for playing. (Clear lie.. But I'm tired)
  21. Ms. Cries A-Lots: Cries "no, no, no..."
  22. Me: C'mon or Barbie goes bye.
  23. Ms. Cries A-lots: "No no no!"
  24. Me: Walks away
  25. Dad walks up
  26. Ms. Cries A-Lots: Want to see the cars?
  27. Dad: "Sure"
  28. Me: Eyeroll
  29. Mission: let's get her sleepy
  30. ---Done----
  31. Me: "We're going to get a lavender bath."
  32. Smarty pants: "No. Later.."
  33. Me: " Do you want to smell like a foot when you're with your friends?"
  34. Ms. Cries A-lots: Follows mama
  35. "Smarty Pants: "Mm... Yes"
  36. Us: "uhhh"