The heart wants what the heart wants
  1. Danny Elfman
    Yes, he's that weirdo that hangs out with Tim Burton, but he's also a musical GENIUS. His voice is stellar, he's an expert at making playlists (hello, American Hustle), and his original music is brilliant. Bonus, he wrote the theme music for The Simpsons.
  2. Adrien Brody
    He's kind of the human equivalent of what Jughead Jones would look like in real life. His soulful self is so dang attractive, though.
  3. Chris Isaak
    I usually just have to remind people who he is. A proto-rockabilly singer who peaked in the '90s. His voice makes me melt like a Popsicle on the Fourth of July.
  4. Greg Kinnear
    Greg Kinnear is one of those actors I always forget that I love until I watch something with him in it again. He's actually really handsome and a great actor, but since he usually plays character roles he's a less obvious celeb crush.
  5. Robin Williams
    When I was a little kid I had a crush on Robin Williams because he was the funniest guy around. I still kind of crush on young 1970s Robin playing Mork.
  6. Rick Moranis
    I just have a thing for Canadians and funny dudes, okay?
  7. Evan Peters
    This is more one I have to explain to myself. I've hardly ever seen him in anything and he seems like a douchey yuppie villain from a John Hughes movie, but something about him is inexplicably very appealing.
  8. Jesse Eisenberg
    I just like his face and his neurotic little self. Also, he's very clever. Did you know he contributes to The New Yorker?
  9. Matthew Baynton
    He's a scrawny little Brit you may know from Hulu shows "Spy" and "The Wrong Mans". I like him from his BBC historical comedy sketch show "Horrible Histories". He's clever as all get out.
  10. Anthony Quinn
  11. The Traveling Wilburys as an entity
    I may have been a groupie in a past life?
  12. Christopher Guest
    Brilliant chameleon.