I want to do all the things
  1. Park Ranger
    I would love to work at a national park 🌲🌴🌿🍁
  2. Lounge Singer
    It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. I would try to channel all the great ladies from Jo Stafford to Connie Francis. Also, spangly retro gowns would be involved.
  3. Curator at any Smithsonian Museum
    Playing with all the artifacts and giving tours to people.
  4. Screenwriter
    I want to be the next Norah Ephron.
  5. Hair and makeup artist
    For films or big Broadway productions
  6. Costume designer
    See above
  7. Doing pretty much anything at The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
    Can you IMAGINE?!
  8. Professional Disney historian
    Get gigs as an expert talking head in documentaries.
  9. Contemporary anthropologist
    People fascinate me. As long as I didn't have to write long pretentious papers all the time.
  10. Food truck reviewer
    Eat all the foods
  11. The next Robert Osborne
    Reign over TCM as the world's leading expert on all things film.
  12. Resort reviewer
    Get paid to go on misadventures or get pampered, depending on the quality of places I'd review.
  13. Curator at the Fashion Museum in Bath
    I'd be happy at pretty much any well-made museum, but *BONUS* this one is about costumes and fashion!
  14. Tour guide in London, Istanbul, Paris, and other amazing cities I haven't visited yet
    I like teaching without being an actual teacher
  15. Folk singer
    A la Joan Baez but actually more like Linda Rondstadt.
  16. Shoe designer
    Create a business where we design and sell shoes solely for women with very small and very large feet—sizes that are hard to find in most stores. I'd call it Cendrillon.
  17. Journalist for Rolling Stone
    I feel I could offer them a unique perspective
  18. Journalist for Vanity Fair
    Absolutely my favorite magazine
  19. Picking soundtracks for movies/TV
    Getting to be a professional playlist maker is my dream!