Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. A house key cleverly disguised with a cap shaped like a house on it
  2. Car key with super sweet jack knife action. I pretend to be a juvenile delinquent with it.
  3. Magical key fob that only lets me go to one floor using the elevator at work.
  4. A key to my parents' condo where they no longer live. Painted with blue glitter nail polish so I can tell which one it is.
  5. Key to gate outside of apartment
  6. Almost identical key for apartment door
  7. Key to get into my office that never works the first time
  8. Key to the home of the people who hosted me for 5 months while I worked as an intern
  9. Green key with yellow smiley faces that I think opens my aunt and uncle's house
  10. Not keys but on there nonetheless:
  11. Tiny ray gun *pew pew*
  12. A small leather guitar. I don't play the guitar.
  13. Tiny Alaska license plate with my name
  14. My name in metal with purple glitter. I may have had this since middle school, before I even owned keys.
  15. Various rewards cards that don't get used
  16. Including a Pie Five one I can't use now that I've moved 😩
  17. Planet Fitness barcode I also never use
  18. My Wendy's frosty benefits card. My most prized possession.