Frankly I might be too eclectic to have a true aesthetic, but this was a thing people were doing for a while and it seems like fun. I think @nina was the first one to do it?
  1. Nail polish
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    My nails are almost never unadorned.
  2. Classic Hollywood musicals
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  3. Classic Bollywood Musicals
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  4. Salem the animatronic cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch
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    My spirit animal
  5. Every single thing worn in Blow-Up (1966)
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  6. Stained glass
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  7. Andy from Pretty in Pink
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  8. Sequins
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  9. Freddie Mercury riding Darth Vader
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  10. Archie Comics
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    When I was a kid I had a collection of over 300 Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Cheryl Blossom comics.
  11. Rebel leader Princess Leia
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  12. Tiny cacti
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  13. Nudie Suits
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  14. The Beach Party franchise
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  15. Rotary phones
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  16. Exuberant rock and roll
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  17. The Original Muppet Show
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  18. Berets
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  19. Daryl Hannah in Roxanne
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    The colder it gets outside, the more I dress like her.
  20. Glitter glitter glitter
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  21. Pam Dawber's bangs
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  22. Wildflowers
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  23. My lips sweater
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  24. Unique planters/terrariums
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  25. Disco balls
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  26. Watercolor prints
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  27. Head scarf + messy bun or updo
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    This is actually a very typical hairstyle for me.
  28. Fleurs inside of light bulbs
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  29. The movie Xanadu
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  30. Star stuff
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  31. Antique patterns
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  32. Feminine brown everyday shoes that don't require socks
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    My go-to. (Not this particular pair—I wish!)
  33. Geodes and crystals
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  34. Pizza
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