1. Guy who doesn't realize everyone can hear his music despite his earbuds
  2. Guy who purposefully doesn't use earbuds
  3. Old ladies with paperbacks and scarves
  4. Urban hippie leaning on his bike
  5. At least one screaming child
  6. Old men wearing hats
  7. Middle-aged student studying from a large textbook
  8. Teenage boys sitting in handicapped/pregnant lady seats
  9. Business man using laptop, tablet, and phone simultaneously
  10. Millennials in business casual
  11. Lady with too many bags
  12. Seat vultures hovering to snag anything that opens up
  13. Girls in workout clothes tapping at their phones
  14. Loud group of teens emboldened by the independence public transit provides them
  15. Somebody standing who topples over at every jolt, despite holding onto a rail
  16. Two ladies chatting and laughing loudly
  17. That one person who stands in front of the doors the entire ride
  18. Middle-aged woman reading an erotic novel on her Kindle
  19. Homeless man jingling a cup of change
  20. Hundreds of people looking at screens
  21. People dreaming until they wake up just before their stop