#singlefolyfe 🙅🏼 (This list makes me sound like The Love Scrooge™, but I promise I'm not.)
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    Feeding each other
    Um, what the heck are you doing and why are you treating me like an infant?
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    Terms of endearment
    These could eventually be okay. But being called "babe" or "sweetie" early on skeeves me out. You don't know me like that!
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    Walking arm-in-arm/his arm around me
    It's awkward and cumbersome! I'm short so any guy I date is likely taller than me, meaning we have different gaits and I don't like the feeling of being reined in when I'm trying to walk. Holding hands is okay, but this is too constrictive.
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    I'm not sure why these salty sea loogies are considered aphrodisiacs.
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    Excessive PDA
    I do not understand people who have full-on makeout seshes with other people around. How does one obtain such a thick skin against how uncomfortable one is making everyone else?
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    Nicolas Sparks movies
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    Showering compliments
    Sincere compliments every once in a while are wonderful. If a guy constantly compliments, however, it starts to seem insincere and can get kind of awkward pretty fast.
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    Extremely elaborate and public marriage proposals
    *Cringe* at those viral videos.
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    Constant text flirting
    Ain't nobody got time for that. I barely even text my friends and family. But nowadays it seems that if you aren't sending a guy emoji-laden flirty texts he's going to assume you hate his guts. I probably don't hate your guts, I just don't have the patience to respond to one-off messages for hours on end.
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    Nope nope nopedy nope 🙃