Treat yo' self
  1. Lipstick 💄
    Nothing brightens my day (or my face) more quickly than a fresh coat of lipstick.
  2. Cut flowers 💐
    I know they just die really quickly, but getting them for yourself (or even better, for someone else!) is a sure-fire way to make the day better.
  3. Pedicures 👣
    Manicures are okay every once in a blue moon, but for me pedicures are really where it's at. The polish usually lasts longer than with manicures and it's insanely relaxing. Good for your mental health, I say!
  4. Eating at restaurants 🍴
    Not everyday and not always fast food, but going out to eat gets you to try and experience foods you wouldn't normally make at home and to socialize with friends and family.
  5. Seeing a movie in theaters 🎟
    Again, not *every* movie is worth paying theater prices for, but there's something so magical about having that shared experience you get by going to the theater, don't you think?
  6. Going to museums 🎨
    You're getting out of the house and learning cool things! To me, that's always worth it.
  7. Ice cream cones 🍦
  8. Seeing a play or musical 🎭
    Even if it's a crappy high school production, odds are you'll enjoy yourself and feel culturally enriched.
  9. Going to the zoo or aquarium 🐘🐬
    Going on a mini-safari or explore the ocean's hidden depths is straight-up fun. I don't care how old you are!
  10. Hulu/Netflix 🖥
    Gotta keep up with my stories.
  11. Sleep 💤
    I'm bad at making myself go to sleep at a decent hour, so I'm working on this one.