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    Cats do not love us back. It has been proven by science.
    Dogs for sure do. Even goats do. The pleasure center in a goat's brain freaks out when it sees its owner. Cats feel nothing for you except pity and derision. At most a begrudging gratitude that you provide food and heat. 🐐
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    Cats shank us with their claws, bite us with their fangs, and put their nasty pee on our property.
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    And yet people still LOVE their cats.
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    Cats are evil genius parasites
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    They have developed a fuzzy helpless exterior that makes us want to love and take care of them.
    The same way babies' oversized eyes and heads make us want to protect them. Evolution!
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    There is an actual parasite in their poop that makes you not notice that their pee is foul(!) It literally changes your brain(!!)
    It's meant to control rodents and make them not afraid of cats so they are easier prey, but I believe it works on humans too.
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    So maybe people who own cats become hard wired to love and care for them, when really they should FEAR these furry intruders!
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    Cats are evil geniuses.
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    In case you can't tell, I'm a dog person.