Reasons to dislike me
  1. Chocolate
    I talk about chocolate the way some people talk about wine. I like my chocolate dark, non-waxy, and maybe with a surprising twist like cayenne pepper or mint. No Hershey's milk chocolate for me, peasants.
  2. People's taste in TV
    Sure, I have my guilty pleasure shows too, but if you regularly watch reality TV I'm going to judge you in my heart of hearts.
  3. Music
    Not in a hipstery "I only like indie bands you've never heard of" kind of way. More like a "if you only listen to top 40 pop, country, hip hop, or EDM then we probably can't be friends" kind of way.
  4. Style
    I don't care about fancy name brands (in fact I find things covered in brand labels to be kind of tacky), but I assume people who look like they care about what goes on their bodies are more intelligent and generally more interesting. I assume those who just follow trends or wear nondescript clothes are boring sheep people.
  5. Makeup
    I'm one of those people. This is one of the few instances where brand name matters to me. It's stuff I'm slathering all over my face! Of course I want it to be from a quality brand!
  6. Knowledge of pop culture
    I'm afraid I love that in-joke, in-the-know feeling of talking to people who understand the cultural references I'm making. If you don't get them we can still be friends, but I'll be disappointed.
  7. Food adventurousness
    Yes, I do feel morally superior to picky eaters. #sorrynotsorry