Gonna work to make it happen
  1. Turner Classic Movies Film Festival
    I 💯 percent need to do this. Hopefully I'll still be in California in the next few years and travel will be feasible. I can picture myself literally swooning in the presence of Robert Osborne.
  2. Abba Museum in Stockholm, Sweden
    Me and my bff plan on going and getting our dancing queens on 👯
  3. State Parks road trip
    Not all of them, but I'd like to hit some of the big ones I've never been to like Yellowstone and Zion's.
  4. Reunion Trip to UK
    Some of the lifelong friends I made on my college study abroad and I vowed to go back on the 10-year anniversary of our first trip. That's only about 5 years away! 💂🏼
  5. DisneyLand
    I've never been! ✨
  6. Asian tour part 1
    Would love to see Thailand, Hong Kong, and Tokyo in one trip.
  7. Asian tour part 2
    India! To fulfill my dreams of seeing the golden temple of Amritsar and the Taj Mahal. Also, my obsession with Bollywood movies has instilled a need in me to own a legit sari.
  8. Italy and Greece
    Want to do them both at once and soak in all the history and the mythology. Also, to eat some of the best food in the world 🙌🏻
  9. Philadelphia/Boston/New York
    I've never been to Boston and Philly and have wanted to do an East Coast tour for a while.
  10. New Zealand
    I'm going for the Hobbits, the hiking, and the accents.
  11. Mexico
    Would love to see the ancient ruins and explore Mexico City. 🌮 I haven't gone to Central or South America yet.
  12. Morocco
    I would definitely go to that Casablanca hotel modeled after Rick's Cafe.
  13. Corsica
    Ideal for outdoorsy travel and, incidentally, my dream honeymoon locale.
  14. Vienna
    I would love to go to a symphony concert here and do music-history-touristy stuff. 🎼🎶
  15. Graceland
    I need to see how and where The King lived.
  16. Las Vegas
    I want to have a kitschy, leopard-print and rhinestone good time. 🕶💋✨✨✨