1. Because I caught Carl Perkins creepin'
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  2. Because I tried Tinder for exactly one day.
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    This guy was looking for a gal who's a good "mix of sweet and sassy." He also recommends the movie "Knights."
  3. Because my mom tries to stay hip when giving me life suggestions.
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  4. Because nanananananana.
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  5. Because I wanted a picture of Reyna James when I worked as an extra on Nashville.
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  6. Because this art was scary.
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  7. Because apparently Johnny Cash was once a movie villain.
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  8. Because. I. Want. It. 🍕
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  9. Because Billy Idol is pretending to be Heat Miser.
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  10. Because I got shampoo in my eye and was checking out dope eyepatches, just in case.
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  11. Because I met Voldemort.
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  12. Because I found a graveyard in my apartment complex.
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  13. Because I am not a prize to be won.
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  14. Because I wanted even more proof that I'd been on Nashville.
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  15. Because our faces prove riding the trolley is actually TERRIBLE.
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  16. Because I *WILL* find the culprit!
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  17. Because my mother's name is Kim and I thought this would be useful at some point.
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  18. Because it seems like this street was named after two horses.
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  19. Because I thought these kids were creepy as heck.
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  20. Because San Francisco.
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  21. Because I wanted a selfie with John Muir.
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  22. Because it's not every day you see Joy and female Captain America walking down the street.
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  23. Because taxidermy eyeballs are intriguing.
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  24. Because it's the only good picture of me and all my friends.
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  25. Because Tom Hiddleston as a mustache-twirling bad guy brings me joy.
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  26. Because I don't want to.
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  27. Because these are robot cat ears that move based on your brainwaves, and that needed to be documented.
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  28. Because Tennant makes the best reaction shots.
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  29. Because we found a live crab!
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  30. Because this is a useful image to have.
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  31. Because I'd never seen a menorah decoration this big.
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  32. Because I used to be a baller.
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  33. Because...I actually don't remember.
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