1. Because I caught Carl Perkins creepin'
  2. Because I tried Tinder for exactly one day.
    This guy was looking for a gal who's a good "mix of sweet and sassy." He also recommends the movie "Knights."
  3. Because my mom tries to stay hip when giving me life suggestions.
  4. Because nanananananana.
  5. Because I wanted a picture of Reyna James when I worked as an extra on Nashville.
  6. Because this art was scary.
  7. Because apparently Johnny Cash was once a movie villain.
  8. Because. I. Want. It. 🍕
  9. Because Billy Idol is pretending to be Heat Miser.
  10. Because I got shampoo in my eye and was checking out dope eyepatches, just in case.
  11. Because I met Voldemort.
  12. Because I found a graveyard in my apartment complex.
  13. Because I am not a prize to be won.
  14. Because I wanted even more proof that I'd been on Nashville.
  15. Because our faces prove riding the trolley is actually TERRIBLE.
  16. Because I *WILL* find the culprit!
  17. Because my mother's name is Kim and I thought this would be useful at some point.
  18. Because it seems like this street was named after two horses.
  19. Because I thought these kids were creepy as heck.
  20. Because San Francisco.
  21. Because I wanted a selfie with John Muir.
  22. Because it's not every day you see Joy and female Captain America walking down the street.
  23. Because taxidermy eyeballs are intriguing.
  24. Because it's the only good picture of me and all my friends.
  25. Because Tom Hiddleston as a mustache-twirling bad guy brings me joy.
  26. Because I don't want to.
  27. Because these are robot cat ears that move based on your brainwaves, and that needed to be documented.
  28. Because Tennant makes the best reaction shots.
  29. Because we found a live crab!
  30. Because this is a useful image to have.
  31. Because I'd never seen a menorah decoration this big.
  32. Because I used to be a baller.
  33. Because...I actually don't remember.