People always assume I'm a cat person but I'm actually a dog person who is a cat.
  1. World domination is our m.o.
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  2. We're hip and keep it real
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  3. Caring is hard sometimes
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  4. Dapper as heck
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  5. It's important to admit our mistakes
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  6. Don't mess
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  7. We understand the anguish of having a celebrity crush
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  8. We make the best out of bad hair days
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  9. Granny chic looks great on us
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  10. Every time I try to use FaceTime
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  11. We understand the best way to celebrate your direct deposit arriving
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  12. Something I say at least once a week 💅🏻
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  13. Awkward phases. We had them.
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  14. Treat yo' self is a mantra he and I can get behind
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  15. Youths are our mortal enemies
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  16. This is exactly how I address the woman who threads my eyebrows
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  17. MmmmMmmmHHHHMMM *finger snaps*
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  18. How we would spend our Powerball winnings
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  19. Tough love is the only love
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  20. Studying other languages is important
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  21. At least mine's mostly internal
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  22. My answer to any math question
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  23. At least we know we're hilarious
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  24. Just a couple of lovable curmudgeons
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  25. Fashion is for fun!
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  26. Anytime fries or pizza are nearby
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  27. Our idea of sexy underwear
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  28. Oldest child syndrome
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  29. *Puts on too much eyeliner and dark lipstick*
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  30. Werk!
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  31. 💛🍩💚🍔💙🍕💜🌮❤️🍟💗🌭
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  32. 💜🍦💚🍪💙🍗💛🧀❤️🌽
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  33. 🍓🍇🍉🍌🍒🍑🍍🍅🌶🧀🍔🍗🍖🍟🌭🌮🌯🍕🍤🍝🍳🍰🍦🍿🍪🍩
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