Thoughts I Have About This New Gluten Free Lifestyle

  1. I can do this! It's good for your digestion and energy! Yaaaaay more energy. Added bonus: You don't itch all night long.
  2. Alright, spaghetti squash is pretty awesome. So many options. Brooke, you are totally kicking this gluten free thing in the TEETH.
  3. Donuts are pretty awesome too.
  4. No no. Eat donuts and you'll itch all night. Do we want that? NO.
  5. Well, I don't mind itching a little.
  6. NO NO NO. There is a healthy skinny girl under this blubber and we are going to FIND her. Eat some strawberries.
  7. *boyfriend eating a hamburger* WHY ARE YOU EATING THAT IN MY PRESENCE?
  8. Okay. Meal prep time. Rice and sauted veggies for lunch this week. I'm setting a good example for my students. I can definitely do this.
  9. Trail mix for snack. Yes, Lord. M&Ms.
  10. I think I'll get Chickfila for supper.
  11. Garden chicken salad...ALSO LET ME GET A LARGE FRY.
  12. Fries are gluten free...take that boring delicious food.
  13. I want some cake. CAKE CAKE CAKE.
  14. But you can't have REAL cake. It's no good for you.
  15. *goes to Kroger, looks at the organic baking supplies* OH NO. NOOOOOO. Who actually pays for this?
  16. If I had a rich husband, I STILL wouldn't pay for this.
  17. Noooooope. I'll settle for fruit and Netflix. And ice cream. Ice cream gets me.