1. I can't wait to meet my husband
    Upon verbalizing people assume I'm a lonely, heartbroken, fantasizing, adolescent or that I'm hinting for them to pop the question - nope, just like to know he's out there
  2. I could really go for some pizza
    Pizza is amazing hence its popularity but pizza's popularity has caused it to trend & when your say something trendy people assume you're saying it to be trend & not in a literal sense - I'm never taken serious when I express this craving
  3. I prayed for this ...
    My beliefs are discredited when I imply a higher power helped me - side note me saying "I prayed for something" will NOT lead to a conversation where I try to shoving my religion down your throat - just not my style (;
  4. I've never been to LUSH!
    I'm a middle class, college educated, Instagram using, millennial I'm just suppose to be obsessed w/ bath bombs [which I assume is something to start a colorful bubble bath] - ehh I'll stick to my Gold Bond's hand lotion & colorless showers
  5. When I was a kids ...
    I don't know at what age people will stop responding with, "you are still a kid" but on this one I can't wait