@cheshirehollows is writing another book and he keeps saying "I really hope you like this next book". to put him at ease, this is why I will love his book REGARDLESS of anything else.
  1. It is written by him
    Have you read his work? He's fucking amazing! How could I not like it? If you have not read his work go to the link provided in #2 and buy it!!! I promise it is worth your time!
  2. I read the first book
    And I love reading about his adventures there and this second book is sure to have more. If you want to read his first book called "The Elemental Child" go to: http://www.amazon.com/Elemental-Child-Cheshire-Hollows/dp/1517639972
  3. Our conversations are quoted
    Um, HELLO!!! sure fire way to make sure I love something?...put me in it LOL. If you would like this book as well, it will be released at a TBA time and date :) he's still creating, be patient.
  4. He is creating
    I will always read/listen to whatever he creates. Quite frankly, you should too.