1. Pizza
    The cold of the fridge (overnight) makes for a more cohesive flavor. The urgency of consuming a hot vehicle for melted cheese is replaced by the relaxed enjoyment of harmonic ingredients.
  2. Blowouts
    It's still so puffy the day of. Not until the day after do you wake up with the sleek, effortless hair of your dreams.
  3. True Love
    When you wake up next to someone and, instead of panicking, you think, "Let's eat scrambled eggs and go to a movie matinee together... EVERY DAY FOR ETERNITY." That's a nice moment, and it gets better with time.
  4. Chili or Stew
    Similar to pizza in this way. Overnight, the various ingredients have had time to mingle, so the flavor is more complex and robust a day later. It makes that first night of eating the chili/stew seem totally weaksauce in comparison.
  5. Your Lover's Pillow
    He/she wakes up and leaves. The scent of the pillowcase is intoxicating. You vow never to wash it again.
  6. Vacation
    It takes at least a day to get into vacation mode. That first day, you're all about travel and logistics. You arrive only to talk a mile a minute and check your phone too much and aggressively "relax" like it's a task on your to-do list. Not until the second day can you truly settle in and be present in the vacation (hopefully).
  7. A New Job
    A new job is like the first day of school. It's exciting, but you don't know what to wear or what anyone's name is or where to put your stuff or even where the bathroom is! This is especially true in my line of work, as you're often the newbie heading into a situation where everyone already knows each other. The second day is always better. You've made a friend or two. You know where to park and where to pee. You can now attempt to actually do your job.
  8. Smokey Eye
    I know, I know. You're obviously not supposed to fall asleep with your makeup on. Common sense, celebrity interviews and any of various beauty magazine articles will tell you this. But we all do it sometimes (right?). And I'll be damned if that smokey eye doesn't look UH-MAHZING when you wake up the next morning. It's perfectly smeared and undone. You feel like a total rockstar. Except that now you have nowhere to go... and this look is a little much for the coffee shop.
  9. Bad News
    Life is spectacular, except when it's impossible. Bad news sometimes feels insurmountable. Sleep on it. When you are well-rested and have a little perspective, you are better equipped to deal with the situation.
  10. Anger (and its Cousins)
    Anger is a secondary emotion. Jealousy, resentment, envy, pride... These are never the truth. Never the core issue. A day later, you may have the distance to ask yourself: What am I feeling? Vulnerable? Hurt? Scared? Embarrassed? Rejected? Getting to the core of the issue takes time. Best not to take action based on day-old emotions.
  11. Hangovers
    We've all gotten after it and paid the price the next day with a crushing hangover. You're groggy and a general waste of space. You spend a, not all that, healthy part of the day trying to rationalize your behavior the night before or trying to remember what you said to that girl from work. The good news is, that the day after a hangover pretty much always feel better.
    Suggested by @maxosswald