1. Why do you tell people that I am "sort of" your "nemesis?"
    I'm actually curious. Is this something you imagined? A narrative you created? The last time we were close was in 2007, and even then we had different lives and different friends. Are you holding onto something from that time that you would like to talk about? If you have an inferiority complex, you shouldn't because you're great!
  2. Do you realize that our mutual friends all tell me this tidbit and then we chuckle in confusion?
    We can't figure out why you tell people this. Can you please shed some light on the topic?
  3. You are married with a baby. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that once you're a mother you ought to give up having nemeses.
    I hope for you that you evolve into love. That your child teaches you to see the world differently. This isn't a competition. Often motherhood allows people to realize that. Has this not been the case for you?
  4. You told me last year, when we bumped into one another, "I am so happy to see you. Reconnecting with you has been one of the best things about this year. Let's do dinner with our husbands."
    Did you not mean that? Or, is that something you say to a nemesis? Why would you bother to say that if it isn't true? I've spent many adult years practicing active authenticity, so my ability to sniff out game-playing is not at all sharp. I take people at face value, so I'm going to need your help here. Is this a game then? If so, to what end?
  5. Women have it hard enough. There is plenty to go around. You need not take down others to buoy yourself.
    Do you feel a lack of work or of abundance? Do you feel that I (and other people) threaten that which you perceive to be yours? How can you work through these feelings and liberate yourself from these illusions?
  6. What kind of woman do you want to be? Would you call yourself evolved? Loving? A feminist? A humanist?
    Walk the talk. It will make you feel better. I promise. Being a bully can't feel very good.
  7. We all live and then we die. In the meantime, what are your goals? Is gossiping about unwitting acquaintances who barely know you something you want to spend your precious time here practicing? Is that how you want people to know you? What you want to be remembered for? What is a better use of your energy?
  8. I wish you peace.
    It must be awful to live inside such a competitive mind. I hope that life will give you the tools you need to liberate yourself from this pattern.