1. This is all a dream.
  2. This is all a trick.
  3. Spiders.
  4. Shame.
  5. Not being ______ enough.
    good enough / smart enough / kind enough / pretty enough / generous enough / talented enough / hard-working enough / clever enough / original enough / self-actualized enough / accomplished enough / prolific enough / a good enough friend-daughter-sister-listener-cheerleader-wife-artist-woman-member of society / funny enough / serious enough / memorable enough / interesting enough / interested enough / healthy enough / helpful enough / fast enough / present enough / grateful enough
  6. Being too much.
  7. The eyelash mites take over.
  8. The robots take over.
  9. Forgetting.
  10. Not being able to forget.
  11. Dying with my music still inside of me.
    Thanks a lot, Wayne Dyer. (Kidding. Love you.)
  12. Living my life for other people.
    How much time do you spend seeking the approval of people you don't even know or like? Is that nuts? That's nuts, right? And "nuts" is probably an insensitive, politically incorrect word, so sorry in advance.
  13. Losing my mind.
  14. Losing my physical faculties.
  15. Being narrow minded without even realizing it.
  16. That the sadness will one day swallow me whole.
  17. The glaciers melt & Earth becomes Waterworld but we don't have gills like Kevin Costner, so our only hope for the survival of the human race is that our children's children might have gills.
  18. Nukes.
  19. Earthquakes (especially The Big One)
    Suggested by @TT
  20. NOT BEING A TRUE 10 cc @maxosswald
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee