1. Smile before you answer the phone.
    This works. Not in an inauthentic way, but in a way that raises your vibration and opens you up to receiving whatever is coming your way. If nothing else, you can go to sleep at night knowing you contributed good energy to someone/something.
  2. Say a silent "I love you" to everyone you meet.
    Obliterates anxiety. Demolishes perceived hierarchy. Dilutes dramatic history. This is the panacea that mellows everything out. A good way to start any interaction ever. Reminder: say it to yourself, as it would be totes weird and socially unacceptable to utter it out loud (unless you're at Esalen or something).
  3. Ask yourself: what is my motivation for doing/saying this?
    When doing or saying anything (this includes social media), ask yourself the following. Am I doing this to gain approval/validation? Out of fear? In hopes of being included? Out of generosity? To support a person or cause? Because I think I have something to gain? Because I truly enjoy/believe it? Get really clear about why you do what you do. And then only do things motivated by the nobler impulses. This tends to minimize feelings of emptiness/regret while strengthening convictions!
  4. Practice equanimity in traffic.
    So that dude aggressively cut you off, honked his horn, flipped you the bird (favorite euphemism btw), etc. What now? You can drink that in and have it poison you, OR you can think, "Eh, that dude is probably having a crappy day. I hope he finds peace." And then move on with your own life and energy. SO MUCH BETTER, amirite?
  5. Start each morning and end each night by saying "thank you."
    I know, I know. But srsly try it. Last thing before bed, "thank you." First thing when you open your eyes, "thank you." I find that when you just say "thank you" you spontaneously come up with things to be thankful for. This pillow. This bed. The roof over my head. My community. Clean air. Freedom to live as I choose. Nourishing food. These feet and legs that carry me through the day. Feels good, right?
  6. Forgive yourself and everyone else.
    For not getting the to-do list done. For saying the wrong thing. Being late. Messing up. Failing. Revealing too much. Holding back. Working too much or not enough. Eating/drinking too much. Forgetting a birthday. Fender bender. Finances. Someone was mean, selfish, competitive, cruel. Forgive! We're all just adorbs lil' humans trying to make our way. It's all going to be okay.
  7. Remember that we are all going to die.
    Apologies if this sounds grim, but it's true, so deal with it. Doesn't this do wonders to minimize anything that's held your attention or heart in a negative or vise grip type of way? Remembering this simple fact a) makes the stuff that doesn't matter *really* not matter, b) makes the stuff that matters *really* matter, c) inspires you to have a little fun with life, because seriously why not? It's a grand adventure and it should be fun.
  8. Repeat after me: "I am here."
    Overwhelmed? "I am here. I'm here. I'm here right now." You can trick your body into being present! I once did this out of sheer terror as I was alone, climbing an icy mountain road with no visibility, in an unsafe car that was sliding perilously close to the edges of the cliff. Through my fear, a voice spoke up within me that said, "You are here. You are safe. Just be here." This moment is all there is. Reaching the top & falling to the bottom are not your reality. Be exactly where you are.