1. Travel Writer
    Usually all I want to do is travel and write, so this seems like a good fit. Like, getting paid to travel to an exotic location, stay there, try things, and write all about it? Sign me up.
  2. Psychologist
    Acting involves similar probing of human psychology. I want go deep with people and see beneath all the surfaces and talk about all the things. And I'm a double Scorpio, so privacy and secrets and transformation are my specialties. No couples. No families. One on one.
  3. Network Executive
    To be on the other side. My job involves being hired - as an employee - and putting my fate in other people's hands. I'd like to feel what it feels like to be a boss - to make final decisions and decide fates. Obviously there's more to it than that; that's just what I'm highlighting for our purposes here. I also truly love television and enjoy being part of the conversation about where it's going, so... there's that.
  4. Novelist/Recluse
    Move to a seaside village in New England, live in a cozy cabin, know the land like the back of my hand, get my inspiration from the ocean, and write all the time.
  5. Ballet Dancer
    This is more nostalgic than realistic. I don't know that this would truly be a good fit anymore, but one can dream.
  6. Duchess of Cambridge
    Not any Duchess of Cambridge. Maybe just step inside of Kate Middleton's body for a day. Does that count as a job? I'd like to live in a castle and spend my life healing and helping and teaching and giving and championing and empowering and educating.
  7. Astrologer/Reiki Healer/Intuitive/Priestess
    When I was a kid, first I wanted to be a surgeon, and then I wanted to be Diane Sawyer. I wanted to make a difference. Then I chose to be an actress, moved to L.A. and... well... this is a snapshot of what I've become.
  8. Professor of English Literature
    I hated leaving college. I loved college so much. I know academia is tough, but something about being back there sounds very appealing. Especially if it involves reading and discussing books. And living in a place with courtyards and gargoyles and real winter.
  9. Nefarious Socialite
    In Manhattan or Moscow. I know this isn't technically a job, but if you were born into it or married into it, it could become a job, yes? I'd be the one wearing only oxblood silk garments, blood diamonds & real mink. I'd consume only bellinis and beef carpaccio. I'd have a to-die-for fragrance line & stir the society pot by not inviting key players to my exclusive charity galas. Like Mrs. Astor and the 400. But I'd be so clever that everyone would forgive how diabolical I was.