So many are about driving. I've lived in L.A. for too long.
  1. When people don't use their turn signals.
  2. Coffee lids that don't quite fit.
  3. Automated phone systems & not being able to reach a human.
  4. Over-the-shoulder lookers. Like in Hollywood when you're talking to someone at a party & they're scanning the room for someone more important.
  5. When people who are not turning leave their turn signals on.
  6. Bad drivers in general.
  7. Tapping: finger tapping, foot tapping, silverware tapping. All varieties of fidgety tapping.
  8. Tinted car windows.
  9. Strong cologne.
  10. When people don't clean the lint trap in the dryer. (Ahem, neighbors, this means you.)
  11. Talking over one another.
  12. Passive aggression.
  13. Phoning it in. Customer service reps, waiters, airline employees, friends, colleagues. Do what you are doing. Don't half-ass it & don't act annoyed that you're there. If you're so annoyed, quit your job.
  14. Horn honking (and most other loud noises).
  15. Those who enter a door or elevator without first letting people out. Think about it, guys. It doesn't make any sense.
  16. Slow walkers on the sidewalk in front of you.
  17. No WiFi.
  18. When people don't hold the door open for you.
  19. Poor table manners.
  20. Not RSVP'ing.
  21. Dishes in the sink.
  22. An unclean bathroom.
  23. That the SAG & AFTRA unions have not merged their health and pension plans.
  24. The sun in my eyes.
  25. Spitting. Like how people just spit on the street. What the fuck is that about?!
  26. Furniture that is clearly designed for tall people & is uncomfortable for someone who's, say, 5'2".
  27. When parking is very far away from your audition and it's 100 degrees and you're wearing heels.
  28. Inappropriately loud or uptempo music at a coffee shop where you're trying to work.
  29. Bad breath. Really any type of poor hygiene. (Unless it's, like, sexy manly body smell or something.)
  30. When someone swoops in and gets that parking spot you circled the block for.