1. Someone I know was born.
    Friday night. A beautiful baby boy.
  2. Someone I know died.
    Saturday morning. After a long battle with cancer.
  3. Someone I love is getting married.
    I'm sitting here trying to write the homily and am procrastinating because the weight of what this means to me makes it daunting.
  4. I reconnected with a friend after 4 years of no contact.
    Not for any reason other than she moved to Korea to teach English. We happened to be in the same city at the same time. Neither of us lives here. It was comfortable, as if no time had passed. I love that about certain friendships.
  5. Living part time in a town that raised me.
    The town that originated much of my psychospiritual infrastructure. The town that cradles me like a parent and haunts me like a ghost. What I give up in anonymity, I gain in history. There's this feeling of having an anchor here. Of belonging. I wonder if we ever feel that in our chosen homes the way we do in our given homes.
  6. I'm doing something I have long hoped to do.
    Working with people I've wanted to work with. On a thing I've wanted to be a part of. In a manner I deeply enjoy. To physically walk through something you've long envisioned is a titillating aspect of being a sentient human in a kaleidoscopic world.