...because she's the noblest.
  1. Hey, Nino? I totally slept with your dad on the beach in Ischia.
  2. Um, Nino? I know Mirko better than you do, which should embarrass you because he's your kid.
  3. Nino? You're only getting published because I hooked you up and I can pull the plug on that super easily but don't because I pity your middling discourse and fragile ego.
  4. Marcello? Nobody outside of Naples knows or cares who you are.
  5. Nadia, Pasquale is using your means for his political ends and you have nary an original thought in your sweet little head.
  6. Hey, Professor Galiani? The Nino thing was all Lila and nothing to do with me, so maybe take Lila off that pedestal. Also chill out and act like a grown up?
  7. You guys? The question of who designed the damn shoes really doesn't matter to anyone.
  8. Hey, Elisa? I told you so. (Too soon?)
  9. Hey, Pietro? Whatcha doin down there? Maybe time to evolve your sexuality in the way you evolve your mind.
  10. Nino? Hi. Yeah. Did I mention I lost my virginity to your dad? You two are a lot alike. Bye.