1. Taking Starbucks into a restaurant whose window sign reads, "No outside food or drink."
  2. Listening to a guided meditation while driving.
  3. Emailing someone without including a salutation.
  4. Eating grain instead of vegetables immediately after a colonic.
  5. Walking your bike through the farmers market when you know there are no bikes allowed.
  6. Parking for an hour in the "30 Minutes Only" spot.
  7. Standing on top of your Squatty Potty™ as if it's a stepping stool.
  8. Using paper towels instead of a cloth dish towels.
  9. Making a reservation for 3 and then, when an extra person wants to join, being like, "Oh, no it was *supposed to be* for 4. Something must have gotten lost in translation."
  10. Showing up 5 minutes late to Pilates... or an audition.
  11. Leaving dishes in the sink.
  12. Shaving your legs only up to the knee.
  13. Wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row.
  14. Waiting 24 hours to return a text message.
  15. Listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.