1. Grocery Store Cashier (Buttons! Control!)
  2. Ballerina.
  3. Boutique Owner (Plays "store" forEVER)
  4. Ballerina.
  5. Doctor (Idolizes Dad! Wants Dad's love and approval.)
  6. Ballerina.
  7. Diane Sawyer (Smart! Noble! SO pretty!)
  8. Ballerina.
  9. Journalist (Important! Not about looks!)
  10. Ballerina.
  11. Glossy Magazine Editor (Hardcore journalist seems too hard? The world seems too hard? Uncomfortable with controversy/being disliked.)
  12. Ballerina.
  13. Academic (These books feel safe. The world feels so unsafe.)
  14. Ballerina.
  15. Actress (Fuck it. When in doubt, buy a one-way plane ticket and try something crazy!)
  16. Recluse-Novelist-Sorceress in New England seaside village as far as possible from Los Angeles and its blinding light. (Likes include pubs, cauldrons and the wind.)
  17. Actress/writer with dignity, artistic integrity, steady pay and great health coverage. Contribute in a way that has has meaning & makes a difference & causes heart to sing. Also a mom. And maybe an astrologer if there's time. And Beyoncé.
  18. Happy?