1. Oh hi, you. Long time no talk.
  2. So I've been gone awhile. (As indicated by my enduring preference for old school all caps titles.)
  3. What gives? How could I just ghost on List App after all that we've shared?!
  4. I've been confronting some stuff this year that I don't know how to talk about yet, let alone put into list form.
  5. Here are some things I have learned:
  6. Life is gorgeous and brutal and blessed and unfair.
  7. Sometimes things happen and you cannot decipher the reason, the lesson, the proverbial silver lining. You're simply left hanging in the balance and your only option is to surrender to the free fall.
  8. Other people will be like, "Everything happens for a reason." Don't punch them in the face. They're trying their best.
  9. We are both more vulnerable and more resilient than we think.
  10. Having a community to hold you up when you feel unsteady is the only way through.
  11. Even if a life situation makes you feel very isolated, chances are high that MANY others have been in your position. That may not be comforting. That's okay too.
  12. Sometimes your isolation can feel like being in the eye of a hurricane. There's a strange sense of calm, of otherworldly knowing that happens there.
  13. Innocence is overrated. If you find yourself being like, "I can't un-know what I now know," try to relax into that wisdom. Life is learning, right? Plus, look at how empathetic you are now. Your wisdom-slash-empathy quotient is like that of Buddha or Dumbledore. Good on you!
  14. Count your blessings. No, really. List them. Put one foot in front of the other. Take one day at a time.
  15. Most importantly: get the fuck off the internet. I repeat: Google is not your friend. If something is up and you don't know how to deal? GET OFF THE INTERNET. Consult real people instead.
  16. That's all I've got for now.
  17. I'll get back to you with more clarity and hopefully a rich & dynamic way of sharing this year's stories. I look forward to that, especially the parts that are so dark that they're hilariously funny.
  18. But I'm not ready yet. And that's okay! Our world is so fast-paced, we sometimes forget that stuff can take awhile to process - especially the deep stuff.
  19. And with that, I return to my hiatus.
  20. Love you! Love your lists!