1. Grabbing your cup from over the counter and handing it to your barista
    I know what a medium is, thanks.
  2. Taking selfies in line
    Wtf are you doing and no I don't want to be in your snapchat.
  3. "Uhh let me get a venti..."
    Just stop. And no, you don't know what a macchiato is, bitch.
  4. "Can I get a name for this order?" "Brian, what's youuuur name?"
  5. Staring down your barista while they make your drink.
    Your piercing eyes will not make your drink be done any faster.
  6. *waits until they're at the front of the line before laying eyes on the menu* "Hmmmmm, I've never been here, what do I want?"
  7. "Extra hot and extra sweet...like you."
    I'll decaf you, I swear to God.
  8. Don't expect everyone to know your hometown's name for a certain drink.
    "You've never heard of a Hammerhead? I thought this was a coffee shop."