I cry on the regular thinking about how amazing this woman is. Also I am home sick from work and reviving myself by googling her highness.
  1. White turtleneck and hoops in Ring the Alarm.
  2. Serving so many celestial/Virgin Mary vibes in Mine.
  3. Beyoncé wears cargo shorts and a t-shirt in the Irreplaceable video. Do you know how else wore that look? EVERYONE in the early 2000's and they looked TERRIBLE
  4. Just a white tank and shorts and yet ❓❓❓ugh
  5. A PIZZA outfit.
  6. Why wasn't B cast as Wonder Woman?
  7. The Feeling Myself video 😨😫😨
  8. Jodorowksy reference? (I can dream)
  9. At Obama's inauguration.