Not in a baby crazy way (but sort of in baby crazy way) (okay)
  1. Laurel
    It's unisex! Like the laurel tree. Also I'm kind of into names that sound like they could belong to an old cowboy.
  2. Hank
    The thought of a lil kid named Hank straight up kills me. I also like "Huck" but imagine how the other kids would tease.
  3. River
    I follow the author Emma Straub on Instagram and her son River is adorable. And so was River Phoenix. And River Tam. 3/3
  4. Linnea
    My best friend's name. It means lime tree or something wild.
  5. Ripley
    As in the Alien heroine. Do you think this child would get lots of "believe or not" jokes?
  6. Ursula
    Can u tell I'm a millennial ???
  7. Arthur
    I would sooner die than name a boy a jock-y name like Joe. Too many Joes in this world!! little Arthur cares about intersectional feminism!!
  8. Neko
    Another unisex name!!