I totally want movie rights if any of these ideas become real!
  1. Mermaids- I love under the sea things and really any water things
  2. Dragons- I do t like medieval times so I might set it into the future.
  3. Fairies/ can you tell I like fantasy books
  4. I had a dream about writing a book about 3 people who got blasted into one person. So the 3 personalities kept coming out at different times and their appearance would change. The cool thing was that there were two boys and one girl and one boy liked the girl but the other boy was her husband. Definitely a love triangle there!
  5. Dinosaurs! There are not enough books about dinosaurs!!!
  6. Another book I thought about writing was a teenage version of the magic school bus. Picture this Mrs Frizzle gets put into a mental hospital for claiming the bus transforms. The children are put through therapy for being in science class with a crazy woman and being brain washed. The bus gets sent to a bus junkyard. Ten years later the now teens ..
  7. Frizzle continued... The MSB kids get reunited by a letter from Mrs Frizzle saying that the bus has been taken and is going to be used in a plot to destroy the world and the kids have to save the bus and save the world! PBS call me!! I can totally see this as a movie!!!