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  1. TBH I already lost I didn't last even one second
  2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. I maxed out my monthly 4G
  2. Shattered my phone screen
  3. Got addicted to suits LOL
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I've wanted a nose piercing since I was a fetus and my mom documented all the stages of me getting one (for better or for worse).
  1. this it the initial measuring of where the piercing would go
  2. at this point I started to get a little nervous because I was basically giving myself an extra nostril???
    this is my nervous fake smile for when I'm about to do something stupid FYI
  3. See I've always wanted a nose ring, but the lady said it was better to get a stud and then transition to a ring because that way my piercing hole thing isn't curved?
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Add the first word that comes to your mind; don't overthink it! Once you suggest something, relist to keep it going! There's so many imaginative people on here; let's see where this goes! Feel free to add a gif or picture with your word, but no descriptions, just visuals! (PS If I'm asleep and can't accept your suggestion right away I'm so SORRY!)
  1. (OK a hater pointed out to me that things might get out of order but LETS JUST ENJOY THIS INSTEAD OF FINDING FLAWS OK)
  2. message
  3. Direct
    Suggested by   @hannah_rachel
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I realised that list app isn't overcrowded and blegh like Twitter or Instagram so ACCURATE usernames can go to those who DESERVE THEM (aka me!!!)
  1. shit
@actually DIS ONE is for u. It's past Valentine's Day where I live but it's STILL THe 14th in Michigan probably so HERE GOES NOTHING (THANK U @lesbian for dis also @ChrisK graces Valentine thing is SO MUCH CUTER BYE)
  1. HI!!!!!
  2. so I just read all of ur lists because I COULDNT STOP AFTER I READ ONE
  3. ur cute
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my mom would be so disappointed (inspired by @hannah_rachel)
  1. jingle my keys around (it brings quarrels in the family???)
  2. procrastinate
  3. refer to my elders as 'tu' instead of 'aap'
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I'm making this list because I am sick and tired of mushy romance reruns. We all love Notting Hill and Love Actually, but enough is enough. Here are some favourites (in no particular order). (Thanks ScoopWoop.) Also I hope this is the list that will finally make @bjnovak notice my existence (pls).
  1. 1.
    Enough Said (2013)
    Grown ups (Julia Louis Dreyfus and James Gandolfini) dealing with teen dating drama without making it cringeworthy.
  2. 2.
    Flipped (2010)
    Eight grade love story!!!!!!!!
  3. 3.
    Say Anything (1989)
    John Cusack. Boom box. Need I say more?
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mostly just for me to keep track of what I'm reading/want to read/have read. def going to edit and add so yay!!!
  1. Serena
  2. You're Not You
  3. Rock Breaks Scissors
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honestly this is my way of progressing thru the five steps of acceptance or whatever (FYI I have a folder on my phone called "narcissist" that has over 600 selfies so)
  1. I think this was the first photo I took on snapchat though so
  2. i just
  3. I remember taking this photo during my senior d photoshoot because "why the fuxk not" but now I know
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