Embarrassing Selfies

honestly this is my way of progressing thru the five steps of acceptance or whatever (FYI I have a folder on my phone called "narcissist" that has over 600 selfies so)
  1. I think this was the first photo I took on snapchat though so
  2. i just
  3. I remember taking this photo during my senior d photoshoot because "why the fuxk not" but now I know
  4. I'm posing with a fucking salad
  5. I remember texting this to my best friend with the caption "look my tongue is the same colour as my shirt!"
  6. my hair is its own person
  7. honestly
  8. i messed up my eyebrows real bad
  9. in conclusion I'm just going to end this list before my shame swallows me whole
  10. but first one last selfie to prove to myself that I really am a brown queen
  11. (ur so qute!!)