I've wanted a nose piercing since I was a fetus and my mom documented all the stages of me getting one (for better or for worse).
  1. this it the initial measuring of where the piercing would go
  2. at this point I started to get a little nervous because I was basically giving myself an extra nostril???
    this is my nervous fake smile for when I'm about to do something stupid FYI
  3. See I've always wanted a nose ring, but the lady said it was better to get a stud and then transition to a ring because that way my piercing hole thing isn't curved?
  4. she put a clip on ring for me
  5. she handed me a mirror to see what it looked like (big reveal!!!!)
  6. I thought I looked bomb ass but this isn't the best angle or picture or WHATEVER SO ignore the bad angle and look I'm so happy!!!!
  7. way too happy
  8. but it didn't last because the lady used a pen to make a mark of where to pierce it and then she took off the ring and told me to prepare myself
    lol shit
  9. QUICK explainatjon: I have a HUGE fear of needles, so the lady agreed not to use one. Instead she sharpener the end of my nose piercing stud and just poked it in???? apparently it's more painful while it's being poked in because it's thicker, but the pain also lasts a shorter time because you don't have to transition from needle to piercing
    ok back to the pics!!!
  10. at this point she poked through my epidermal layer (which didn't hurt that much) and she told me to open my mouth and take a deep breath and prepare for pain on the count of 3 (BC obviously I can't be breathing thru my nose when she pierces it I guess)
  11. I took my deep breath but she poked through my nose on 2!! so my mouth is still wide open in this shot LOL but also its open from pain because it hurt like a bitch!!!!!!! but it was over really quick and I didn't really feel it later because of the adrenaline and the numbing cream
  12. IN BETWEEN THIS LAST PHOTO and the next, I was handed a mirror and got a look at myself. What happened next can only be described as a burst of elation and happiness so I'm not going to interrupt the flow with words. but the pictures capture one of the moments in my life where I have been purely and truly myself and happy :) (I'm smiling v big)
  13. Static
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    I couldn't stand still long enough for my mom to get a decent photo.
  21. the girl in the grey in the back is the one who pierced it, and this photo was taken after I attacked her with a hug
  22. me showing off my piercing for the first time (I did a catwalk like I was on a runway LOL) my friends that I came with thought I had he funniest reaction and they were v happy for me :)
    hi lili and kara!!!!
  23. of course I had to take a selfie because I'm a narcissistic millennial child
    sorry for shitty iPhone 4 camera
  24. and I took another with kara :)
  25. The next day i started to have doubts and regrets. Was my stud too big??? Did I look pretentious??? Did a piercing make my nose look fat????? But then I looked back at the pictures and they were a way of reassuring myself because I refuse to believe that anything that makes a person THIS HAPPY can be bad for them(except drugs)
  26. so now I use these photos as a reminder to trust my gut and not second guess myself because GUESS WHAT I'm still loving my piercing and KILLING IT
    (and I finally got my ring too!!!)
  27. (also if any one has questions/concerns about nose piercings let me know BC maybe I can help!!)
  28. 😁