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    The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.
  2. 18
    The Hebrew word for "life" is חי (chai), which has a numerical value of 18. Consequently, the custom has arisen in Jewish circles to give donations and monetary gifts in multiples of 18 as an expression of blessing for long life.
  3. 23
    Following his Hall of Fame induction, Ryne "Ryno" Sandberg had his number retired in a ceremony at Wrigley Field on August 28, 2005, before a Cubs game against the Florida Marlins. That was the first and, so far, only game I have attended at Wrigley Field. I also find comfort in the reading of Psalm 23 at funerals.
  4. 76
    I was born in 1976 and am always on the lookout for commemorative bicentennial coins and other memorabilia.
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