Happy New Year!
  1. The cast of "Casablanca"
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  2. Rob Reiner's mom, 1987
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  3. Guy who calls Alice "Hon" and makes her squeal at Marie and Jess' wedding, 1988
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  4. Stewardess, 1988
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  5. Guy on plane, 1982
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  6. "We Were Not Supposed To Meet Until The Wedding" couple
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  7. Waitress that takes Sally and Harry's order at a diner between Chicago and New York City, 1977
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  8. Marie, Sally’s friend
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  9. The “Arthur Kornblum” couple
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  10. Waitress behind the counter at a diner between Chicago and New York City, 1977
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  11. Officiant at the wedding of Marie and Jess, 1988
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  12. The "High School Sweethearts” couple
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  13. The "Coney Island Smalls"
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  14. “Aunt" Emily, Harry’s date at Pictionary, 1988
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  15. Whoever else is playing Pictionary, 1988
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  16. The "Born In The Same Hospital” couple
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  17. Dick Clark, 1988
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  18. Jess, Harry’s friend
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  19. Alice, Sally and Marie’s friend, 1987-1988
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  20. Joe, Sally’s boyfriend, 1982
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  21. Ira Stone, Helen’s new boyfriend, 1987
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  22. Everyone who knows the words to “Auld Lang Syne” at those New Year’s Eve parties, 1987 & 1988 (tie)
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  23. "So The Guy Says Read The Card” Guy at that New Year’s Eve party, 1988
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  24. The "Fourth Time's A Charm, I Guess?” Couple
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  25. Helen, Harry’s ex, 1987
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  26. Everyone doing The Wave at Giants Stadium, 1987
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  27. Julian, Sally’s date at Pictionary, 1988
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  28. Sally (tie)
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  29. Harry (tie)
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  30. Amanda, who introduced Harry and Sally, 1977
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