For episode 9 of the Mission & Values podcast (listen:, I attended Demo Day for the first batch of startups in the Techstars Healthcare Accelerator in Los Angeles and recorded mini-interviews with the CEOs as they mingled with investors.
  1. AppliedVR
    Product: a virtual reality platform that offers patients drug-free alternatives for managing pain and anxiety associated with medical procedures. Mission (“Why We Fight”): creating significance in this world by using VR technology to change people’s attitudes and behaviors to solve society’s biggest and most costly challenges (i.e., chronic pain, depression, anxiety).
  2. Deep 6 Analytics
    Product: an artificial intelligence application for healthcare that turns unstructured medical data, such as doctor notes, into searchable, comprehensive medical profiles. Early use cases of their technology include finding eligible patients for clinical trials. Mission: to bring big data to healthcare by breaking open unstructured patient medical data, making it machine-searchable.
  3. Ella
    Product: a mobile health platform that uses mindfulness programs to help patients with pain better manage their symptoms. Mission: to help people relieve their suffering from chronic pain.
  4. Grace
    Product: a concierge service for families managing end-of-life care that helps people deal with loss and funeral logistics. Mission: to do everything possible to make the end-of-life process easier for people.
  5. HomeHero
    Product: a tech-enabled, non-medical home-care provider helping families find, hire and manage high quality home care for seniors. Mission: to promote health and wellness in the home by leveraging smart technology and human compassion.
  6. Inscope Medical Solutions
    Product: a disposable, low-cost video laryngoscope that is the first all-in-one intubation solution to provide a clear view of every airway. Vision: to be the IoT platform for low-cost, disposable medical imaging devices making this technology affordable and accessible in every setting.
  7. Silversheet
    Product: a talent management platform for medical staff credentialing that connects doctors and healthcare facilities. Mission: to reduce the amount of busywork doctors have to do so they can focus on delivery of care. Healthcare should be about patients, not paperwork.
  8. Stasis Labs
    Product: a cloud-connected health monitoring system for hospitals in emerging markets that allows doctors, members of care teams and family members to identify clinical changes and intervene before a critical event. Mission: to serve the fundamental belief that patients across the world deserve quality healthcare.
  9. Well Health
    Product: a messaging platform that lets provider front office and support staff have conversations with patients on their existing messaging apps. Mission: to reduce the friction in communications between providers and patients by putting a messenger on every computer, on every terminal, across America.
  10. Yosko
    Product: a care coordination platform for hospitals that improves team collaboration, transitions of care and efficiency in procedural areas so they can experience truly paperless rounds. Mission: to empower physicians to finally use modern, mobile tools that replace pagers, paper and fax machines so they can work more with patients, and less with outdated tools.
  11. ZendyHealth
    Product: a digital health marketplace where patients can bid and name their own price on standardized health and dental services to get quality, affordable care. Physicians also use Zendy to fill cancelations and book additional appointments. Mission: to bring balance and transparency to healthcare by empowering consumers to impact the cost of care so that providers can give, and patients can recieve, the help they need.